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Reliance Building Company

State & Federal Government Buildings

Detroit Plaza Building 20th Floor Renovation, Detroit, MI
This project consisted of the renovation of the 20th floor in the Detroit Plaza Building for use by former Governor John Engler.
Cost: $450,000
Architect/Engineer: Peter Basso Associates, Inc.
Completion Date: July, 1998

Eastern Region Criminal Investigations Division HVAC and Window Renovations, Livonia, MI
The focus of this project is an upgrade of the building's HVAC system. Roof Top Units had to be ground installed to avoid overloading the roof. Conditioned air is fed through stainless steel ductwork and takes the place of window AC units.
Cost: $918,000
Architect/Engineer: Carter Burgess
Completion Date: April, 2008

Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Window and Roof Improvements, Ann Arbor, MI
The Federal Building and Courthouse, which also houses the Ann Arbor post office, received a complete exterior renovation. All the windows and skylights were replaced with a low-e glazing system, the built-up roof was replaced and structural glazed exterior wall tiles were selectively replaced.
Cost: $700,000
Architect/Engineer: Architects Four, Inc.
Completion Date: November, 1998

Huron Valley Correctional Facility - Security Improvements, Ypsilanti, MI
Work includes installation of a new perimeter fence security system, security cameras and control rooms connected by a new fiber-optic cable network.
Cost: $ 2,098,000
Architect/Engineer: Jacobs Carter-Burgess
Completion Date: June, 2011

MDOT Southfield Terminal, New ADA Ramp and Stairs
Work consists of demolition of concrete entrance stoop and stairs and installation of new ADA compliant ramp and railings.
Cost: $46,000
Architect/Engineer: MDOT Facilities Design
Completion Date: November, 2010

New U.S. Post Office - Walled Lake, MI
This design/build project consisted of a 28,000 square foot, single story postal facility with a loading dock and covered carrier canopy. The building included video surveillance and recording equipment, perimeter security and a postal store.
Cost: $3,100,000
Architect/Engineer: Integrated Design Services formerly, Giffels Hoyem Basso, Inc.
Completion Date: August, 2000

New U.S. Post Office, Livonia, MI
In order to make the area usable, it was necessary to alter the site by first constructing a storm sewer system to divert a natural stream flowing through the building location. Also, 25,000 cubic yards of engineered fill was trucked in to bring the site up to the necessary grade, after the foundations were in place.
Cost: $2,800,000
Architect/Engineer: Integrated Design Services, formerly Giffels, Hoyem, Basso, Inc.
Completion Date: 1990

Newborn Screening Laboratory Remodel, Lansing, MI
Work in the Newborn Screening Lab, at the State Laboratory Facility in Lansing, involved the installation of a new air compressor, changes to the exhaust air system, installation of a new fume hood and telescopic fume arms, and electrical upgrades. The work had to be completed in 2 weeks while the lab remained in operation; a challenge due to the dust sensitive nature of the laboratory equipment. Additional work was completed by change order to install a new hard ceiling in the Biosafety Lab.
Cost: $48,000
Architect/Engineer: Century A&E
Completion Date: July, 2010

Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital Shower Room Repair, Northville, MI
This project consisted of the repair of 26 shower rooms. Work included the repair or replacement of faulty plumbing, removal of existing flooring and installation of new flooring with a waterproof membrane system.
Cost: $450,000
Architect/Engineer: John Tagle Associates, Inc.
Completion Date: June, 2002

Ryan/Mound Correctional Facilities Security Improvements / Guard Towers and Fencing, Detroit, MI
In response to a prison break-out, an Israeli designed and manufactured herringbone welded security fence was installed around these 2 prisons (approximately 2 1/2 miles). In addition, 8 elevated guard towers were erected with underground utilities (water, sewer, and electrical power).
Cost: $2,100,000
Architect/Engineer: Beckett & Raeder, Inc.
Completion Date: 1996

Security Improvements - Bid Pack I Guard Tower Fabrication, Various Locations
Twenty-two guard tower packages (guard booth and structural steel tower) were manufactured and installed on prepared sites at 11 Michigan State Prison facilities.
Cost: $1,050,000
Architect/Engineer: Beckett & Raeder, Inc.
Completion Date: 1997

United States Postal Service Novi Carrier Annex Expansion, Novi, MI
A build-out of 6000 square feet was added to an existing postal annex used for automated sorting and processing of the mail. The job included extensive security and video surveillance equipment upgrades.
Cost: $360,000
Architect/Engineer: Siegal/ Tuomaala Associated Architects and Planners
Completion Date: October, 2001

W. J. Maxey Training School Renovation of Medical, Dental and Mental Health Clinic, Whitmore Lake, MI
An alteration of an area in Building 5 of the W. J. Maxey Center to create a clinic and pool locker room.
Cost: $1,150,000
Architect/Engineer: Tower-Pinkster-Titus Associates, Inc.
Completion Date: June, 2000